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Portrait image of Thomas Duffy

Mr. Thomas Duffy serves as Computer World Services Corp.’s Director of Capture and Proposals. Mr. Duffy spearheads the creation of mission-focused proposals that deliver cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices to our clients. He leads a collaborative team of Senior Proposal Managers, Coordinators, Solution Architects, Technical Writers, and Graphics Artists. Mr. Duffy sets high business ethics standards, defines proposal processes, and ensures quality assurance across all proposal operations.

Mr. Duffy has held various roles in Government and in the GovCon Industry since 2008, supporting the development and implementation of enterprise-IT cybersecurity initiatives. He earned a graduate degree in Cybersecurity from Georgetown University and an undergraduate degree in Political Science from East Carolina University. He holds certifications in Project Management, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, and Amazon Web Services.

As a person with a disability, Mr. Duffy believes in creating an inclusive work culture here at Computer World Services Corp. He strives to provide all team members with the tools and skills necessary to exceed, and more importantly, allow them to be exactly who they are. He values diverse perspectives, and he is passionate about lifting others up while he climbs.

Mr. Duffy is a loving husband, a proud father, and a dedicated running enthusiast. He runs half-marathons, 100-mile-distance challenges, and he will be competing in an Abbott World Marathon Major in 2023. He runs for dozens of charities including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Pennsylvania Special Olympics.